1WCERT is dedicated to helping Quality Management, IT & Business professionals lead the change in our digitally connected world. We are developer of vendor neutral course and exams:

As a Delivery Partner, you get:

·        Financial Benefits:  Substantial discounts on Exam Vouchers

·        Advance Details on Certification Course Launches and Updates

·        Access to course materials for online delivery

·        Demand Generation: Co-promotional opportunities

·        Promotional Content: Professional testimonials and case studies; Brochures and flyers tailored to different types of learners; Videos and infographics; Partner plaques and banners

·        Exclusive Logo Usage of 1WCERT

·        Classroom and Instructor Resources


Process to become delivery partner is easy as explained in simple steps

Step 1: Submit application

Step 2: We will assess the application against 1WCERT standard criteria and request your necessary documentation

Step 3: You trainers will be evaluated and interviewed

Step 4: Trainers will go through Train the Trainer Program, if they don’t have other equivalent certifications

Step 5: Initial feedback on application will be given by 1WCERT

Step 6: Detailed assessment and Onsite/Online capability assessment will be done by 1WCERT

Step 7: Application decision notification

Step 8: You are onboarded as Delivery Partner

Step 9: Monitoring and Periodic Quality Audits


If you have any questions, or would like additional information about our program,

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