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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – 1 Day Awareness Program



Course Overview

The dramatic increase in the use of personal information — and the associated risks — has resulted in the introduction of global data protection regulations by European Parliament and European Council in April 2016. This course provides an understanding of new and wide-reaching requirements from the General Data Protection Regulation and those rules relevant for businesses, as well as employees’ responsibilities for protecting personal information.


The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) is the global gold standard in the protection and management of data. The GDPR is EU legislation with far reaching implications. One of the major distinctions between the GDPR & the previous legislations is that the GDPR is a regulation & no more a directive. 


This program includes 3 critical aspects in terms of EU Legislation, required Organizational ecosystem & technology consideration for GDPR adoption

  1. Legal basis of data protection law
  2. Key GDPR terminology
  3. Critical GDPR roles
  4. Essential GDPR practices
  5. Personal data risks due to technological platforms


This program is open to anyone who wants to better understand the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR); it is ideally suited to those in a variety of job roles including:

  1. Data Privacy professionals
  2. Information Security & IT professionals
  3. Information System & Security Auditors
  4. Compliance Officers, Legal Counsels
  5. Designated Data Protection Officers
  6. Senior Management / Leadership roles
  7. Anyone working in IT, and dealing with other people data



  1. Need for Data Privacy Legislation
  2. Privacy Principles
  3. Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default
  4. Global Data Privacy Legislations
  5. Evolution of GDPR
  6. Applicability of GDPR
  7. Data Protection Compliance in UK – GDPR for 2021
  8. Critical aspects of GDPR
  9. Organizational structures for GDPR adoption
  10. GDPR Roles & Responsibilities
  11. GDPR Data Transfer to Third Countries
  12. Rights of Data Subjects, Consent
  13. Implications of violation of GDPR in terms of Penalties & Liabilities
  14. GDPR for Cloud Services, IoT & Cyber security
  15. Impact of GDPR on Artificial Intelligence
  16. GDPR for Drone Stakeholders
  17. ISO/IEC 27701 Threats & Opportunities for GDPR Certification
  18. ISO/IEC 27001 & GDPR
  19. Data Protection Impact Assessments



  1. [email protected] perspective of GDPR
  2. Roles of Data Protection Officers (DPOs)
  3. Behaviour, supervision & protection of personal data
  4. Legal aspects of GDPR
  5. Organizational cultures in data protection
  6. Technical aspects of handling personal data


Program Duration – 1 Man Day

Program Delivery Language – English

Program Delivery Method – Combination of Lectures, Videos, Case studies & discussions

Program Prerequisites – None

Audience Kit – PDF of student study guide

Program Audience Level – Beginner to Intermediate 

Exam – Optional