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Loan Documentation Workshop- Advanced


The Loan Documentation Workshop is a two-day advanced legal documentation.

The goal is to help participants;-understand the essential elements of various loan transactions, gain a thorough understanding of different forms of contractual support required, delve in to important legal issues which commonly arise in a financing transaction and master the art of negotiation relevant to loan documentation.

Course Content


  • Review of Key Loan Agreement Issues
  • Relevant Companies”
  • Conflict between representations, conditions precedent, undertakings and events of default
  • The pari passu clause
  • The negative pledge
  • The cross default clause
  • The material adverse change clause
  • Linking the loan to the borrower`s rating
  • material”, “reasonable” worth the debate?
  • Grace periods
  • Prepayment events
  • Clawback clause

‘Boilerplate’ Provisions and Loan Transfers

  • Set-off clause
  • Indemnities
  • Agency clause
  • Pro-rata sharing clause
  • Loan transfers
  • Novations
  • Assignments

The Art of Document Negotiation

  • Understanding Negotiations basics
  • Frequently Negotiated Points
  • Responses to Points Raised by Borrowers


Ancillary Documents

  • Promissory Notes
  • Capital Call Agreements
  • Intercreditor Agreements
  • Subordination Agreements


Select Provisions

  • Negative Pledge & Negative Undertakings
  • Amendments & Waivers
  • Events of Default