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Managing Procurement Contract (one day online program)


This one day online course is designed to help participants enhance their working knowledge on Managing Procurement Contracts

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will be exposed to the entire process of procurement management
  • Learn how to avoid common pitfalls
  • Understand Importance of Relationship Management
  • Learn Basics of Contracting
  • Understand how to transfer contractual risk
  • Learn how properly drafted SOW can reduce claims
  • Understand Dispute Management

Course Content

· Upstream and downstream phases of a Contract
· Procurement Management objectives
· Potential Pitfalls
· Managing Relationships
· Preparing a Procurement Management Plan
· Managing time, cost, quality and risk
· When does Purchase Order (PO)/LOI/MOU become a Contract
· When to issue Purchase order/ Work Order
· Liquidated Damages/Damages
· Force Majeure/ Extension of Time (EOT)
· Warranty clause
· Change order/Variations
· Relationship between Scope of Work and Claims
· Contractual Remedies
· Managing Contractual Disputes

Who Should Attend.

The online course on Managing Procurement Contracts would be of interest to Professionals from

  • Procurement,
  • Projects
  • Finance
  • Contracts,
  • Sourcing, Buyers,
  • Supply chain and
  • Anyone interested in the subject.