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Writing Effective Proposals and Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)


Proposal writing is fundamental to the success of any business; enhancing your proposal writing skills will make you more valuable to your organization.


In attending this course, the delegate will learn:

  • How to write a powerful proposals

  • Evaluate Proposals

  • Understand Proposal Management

  • Understand Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Tips for Preparing Proposal that Win Contracts.


Proposal Writers

Project Managers

Proposal Managers

Business Development Managers

Proposal Coordinators/ Contributors

Sales Team

Key account managers

Bid and tender managers

Marketing departments

Anyone interested in the subject



  • Definition of Proposal

  • Types of Proposal

  • Why write a proposal

  • Making your proposal responsive

Proposal and Contracts

  • Position in Contract

  • Difference between Proposal and Contract

  • Is Proposal and Binding Contract

  • Letter of Acceptance- Acceptance of Proposal

Writing a Proposal

  • Proposal development Plan

  • Where to begin

  • Internal Reviews

  • Budget

  • Proposal Writing Checklist

Proposal Content

  • Cover sheet

  • Table of Content

  • Executive Summary

  • Organization Information

  • Project Description

  • Project work plan

  • Human Resource

  • Project site

  • Project Monitoring

  • Project Risk and Evaluation

  • Proposed Budget

  • Attachments

  • References

  • Compliance


Effective Drafting

  • Writing tips

  • Words that often create confusion – to be avoided

  • Proof reading and Editing

Submission of Proposal

  • Formatting and typing

  • Page Content

  • Deadline Date

  • Team lead Requirement

  • Copying and Mailing

Golden Rules for Successful Proposal

  • Write a persuasive summary

  • Compelling story

  • Customer focused

  • Evaluation from customer perspective

  • Winning executive Summary

  • Powerful Presentation

Lessons Learnt

  • Lessons learnt database

Cost Benefit Analysis “CBA”

  • What is CBA

  • Why do we need CBA

  • What Process Call for CBA

  • What is the Process and Methodologies used in developing a CBA

CBA- Making the case for a Project or Proposal

  • Develop the Problem Statement; Define the objective and Scope

  • Formulate Assumption and identify constraints

  • Document Current Status ( Status Quao)

  • Define Alternatives with Cost Estimates

  • Identify Quantifiable and

  • non-quantifiable Benefits.

  • Define Alternative Selection Criteria

  • Compare Alternatives

  • Report Results and Recommendations