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1WCERT Certified Black Belt



IPCERT Certified Black belt
Lean Six Sigma Black Belts are highly trained professionals in Quality improvement methodology, who are able to apply Six Sigma principles to business processes and lead a quality improvement initiative. They are well versed in the Six Sigma Methodology and can skilfully lead and assume full responsibility for large scale quality improvement projects. They are competent in the use of six Sigma tools and techniques and standard principles. A Six Sigma Black Belt has a thorough grounding in all aspects of the phases of D-M-A-I-C (Define, Measure, Analyze, Measure, Control), and can identify non-value-added elements and activities.

Learning Objectives
• Gain expertise in problem solving and data analysis.
• Eliminate waste and improve deliverables within the organization.
• Gain confidence to take up complex (cross-functional) projects.
• Deliver projects with quantifiable results.
• Align project outcomes with business objectives.
• Mentor teams on project management.
• Manage critical outcome-driven milestones.
• Coach Green Belts.
• Understand advanced statistical tools.
• Move ahead in the business excellence career path.
• Globally accepted Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certificate.

Who should attend?
• Professionals who wish to solve business problems using a structured approach can benefit from Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.
• Anyone who wants to improve an Organisation’s performance.
• Process Improvement team members who wish to carry out improvement projects.
• Any progressive management professional who wants to bring change for the better.
• Anyone who wants to build competence that is domain independent.

The Basics of Six Sigma
The Fundamentals of Six Sigma
Selecting Lean Six Sigma Projects
The Lean Enterprise
Process Definition
Six Sigma Statistics
Measurement System Analysis
Process Capability
Patterns of Variation
Inferential Statistics
Hypothesis Testing
Hypothesis Testing with Normal Data
Hypothesis Testing with Non-Normal Data
Simple Linear Regression
Multiple Regression Analysis
Designed Experiments
Full Factorial Experiments
Fractional Factorial Experiments
Lean Controls
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Six Sigma Control Plans

There are no prerequisites for attending the course or taking up the IPCERT Certified Lean Six Sigma Black exam.